Changing the Tides by Zak Noyle

Zak Noyle's "Changing of the Tides"


Thanks to all who submitted to the "Changing of the Tides" contest! Submissions are being reviewed and the results will be posted here when complete.

Changing the Tides by Zak Noyle

"Changing of the Tides"


Zak Noyle is holding a contest to find the next great local Hawai'i surf photographer!

I shoot photos because of my love for the ocean. This would not be possible without
the love and support from my family, friends and partners. "Changing of the Tides by Zak
Noyle" was created with the hope of giving the next generation of surf photographers the
support, help, opportunities and platform to rise up and showcase their talents on the world
stage, with the goal of making this a career.  ~Zak Noyle

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Welcome to the official website for Zak Noyle, one of the most-widely recognized surf photographers in the world. Zak, who is the senior staff photographer for SURFER magazine, has spent his entire life in the water. From his home in Hawaii, Zak goes out into the ocean every day, and with his skill and an uncanny knack for being in the right place at the right time, captures vibrant, awe-inspiring surf and wave photographs. Purchase Zak's photography to display in your home or office or as a gift for someone you treasure. Choose from a variety of materials and sizes and capture a piece of the wave for yourself.

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Check out these Zak Noyle videos, and get the inside scoop on his professional surf photographer experience:

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November 29, 2017

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Saturday, December 2 - Sunday, December 3

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November 04, 2016

From Tahiti to Japan to San Fransisco and more, the perfect waves were not easy to find. After a year of traveling the world, and getting pounded by wave after wave, I finally got all of my shots together and hand chose these specific images as my favorites.


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