Show at T Galleria DFS in Waikiki

Signing at the DFS Show

What an amazing evening. Thank you so much to T Galleria by DFS in Waikiki for making it all possible, the Hawaii staff is next level incredible!

I’m sure all of the fans enjoyed talking story and getting photos autographed by all my surf friends who came down, so thank you to Clyde Aikau, Koa Rothman, Eli Olsen, Ezra Sitt, Aaron Gold, Makua Rothman, Nathan Florence, Micah Moniz, Tom Dosland, Billy Kemper, Mikey Bruneau, Mason Ho and Kala Alexander for spending several hours signing autographs.  I really appreciate everyone’s time and effort.

DFS Show

Thank you especially to Clyde Aikau and the Aikau Ohana for joining us to honor such an amazing day. And thank you very much to all family, friends & new friends I met last night that came down to spend the evening with us, waiting in line & being so friendly and supportive! The gallery will be up through August in DFS Waikiki so check it out! 

Walking the gallery, you’ll find my actual gear used throughout the competition along with Koa Rothman’s surfboard that was used in this year’s competition on display in a glass viewing case.

Zak's Gear and Koa Rothman's Surfboard

All proceeds of this event were donated to the Eddie Aikau Foundation. If you missed it, prints are still available HERE through my website with my portion of the proceeds being donated to the Eddie Aikau Foundation as well. Thank you all once again for such an amazing evening!

Eddie Aikau Foundation

Also, check out this video shot by Kyle Metcalf: Zak Noyle Eddie Aikau Fundraiser at T Galleria

Mahalo Kyle for shooting some amazing coverage of the event!

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