Beach Clean Up Event in San Diego

Ocean Beach Clean-Up

Getting a chance to participate in a beach cleanup anywhere in the world is always great. My work revolves around the ocean. Having a clean place to play and work and have fun is important.

Ocean Beach Clean-Up 2

Last weekend I partnered with Davidoff Cool Water to clean up Ocean Beach in San Diego. The event was hosted by Davidoff Cool Water in partnership with National Geographic and Surfrider San Diego. Scott Eastwood, the face of the brand and a huge supporter of ocean conservation, was also there to kick it off and lend his support. They brought the community together to ensure their local beach was in top shape. Great to see. Did you know: Every bottle of Davidoff Cool Water sold helps to protect over 100,000 square feet of ocean?

Ocean Beach Clean-Up 3

Ocean Beach Clean-Up 5

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