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Zak Noyle has made it his mission to show people a world never before seen, bringing the viewer into the image as if they were swimming alongside him.  Where most water photographers are shooting shore break waves, Zak swims far out into sets sometimes reaching upwards of 20ft tall, to capture these waves and surfers carving the faces.


Zak Noyle is a Senior Staff Photographer for the highly acclaimed Surfer Magazine, where his images often grace the front cover.  Zak could be considered young when compared to other professional water photographers, but he has had over 10 years of experience; even before graduating high school he had already been a published photographer in magazines such as Transworld Surf and Sports Illustrated.  Zak's surf images can be seen in magazines such as National Geographic, London Times, ESPN and Surfer Magazine; and his photos have been licensed to many high profile clients like Hawaiian Airlines, Master Card, Chanel, and RVCA.  


His commercial work has taken him to the most beautiful breaks around the world, as well as winning numerous awards over the years, including being voted "Best Photo of the Year" by Surfer Magazine in 2011 and the prestigious Redbull Illume Award in 2013.

"It doesn't happen often;  all it takes is that one perfect wave to roll through and you just know you've captured something special.  After that, all I want to do is go home and share it with people to let them experience what I just witnessed, the intense beauty of nature."

He says that the trick to capturing the perfect photo is being at the right place at the right time, and with the right equipment, but  will also tell you, it doesn't come easily. The life of a photographer is part planning, spontaneity and a little luck.  This is especially true for Zak, who wakes up every morning to read the swell and wind patterns for the day and treads water for hours to capture the perfect curl.  His dedication to his craft is apparent in his photos, where 90% of the images he takes will never be seen, but what does reach the public is incredibly powerful.

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Black Sand Publishing Inc. is a fine arts publishing company with deep roots in the business of fine art. Their creative management team has worked in the art industry in sales and production capacities for over 15 years, and have partnered with a leading Giclée printing company Chromaco to establish a fresh, contemporary art publishing brand. Black Sand Publishing has a dedicated staff that handles your orders quickly, while providing professional customer service and thorough sales support, ensuring the success of Zak Noyle's print program in your retail location!

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